The Hepburn Tramway

2017. (Small addendum page).

May 15, 2015. Hepburn Tramway - Escarpment Trail, 4.2 km. a 1-page hike description.

May 3, 2014. Jane's Walk coming up...cancelled. Plans for making the trail at Miles Canyon more suitable for a broader group have fallen through. For now, there's a section that requires a bit of tricky hiking. Email me if you want to walk the trail and I'll happily arrange this at other times.

The PDF Forgotten Trails, walking the Hepburn Tramway is the back story. (Viewing the maps and photos on screen is nicer than printing the PDF.)

2016 Innovation, Education and Community Engagement Award.

Dear Peter,
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Yukon Historical and Museums Association (YHMA), I am pleased to inform you that you have been nominated and selected to receive the 2016 Innovation, Education and Community Engagement Award.
The award recognizes the leadership, and the outstanding contribution to Yukon heritage preservation, in your recent research and website publication, Forgotten Trails: Walking the Hepburn Tramway. We applaud your work as it is fueled by a desire to value, protect and develop aspects of our local history.
Sally Robinson President, Yukon Historical and Museums Society
. CBC interview with Sandi Coleman

Creating a Historical Walking Trail

Processes that can affect a Historical Walking Trail

A closer look at sections of the Hepburn Tramway

American Laundry, site of the start of the tramway

Upstream terminus to parking access road at Miles Canyon

Miles Canyon parking area

Parking area to where the Miles Canyon Road descends to Schwatka Lake

Cora Grant's cabin to Robert Service Campground

Robert Service Campground

Other thoughts

two tramways Hepburn and Macaulay tramways

Hepburn chronology

1870-80s? Forest fire on west slope at Miles Canyon

1898 Macaulay Tramway up and running

June 1899 Hepburn sold his tramway to Macaulay

June 1899 Yukon Telegraph wire strung through canyon

1899 White Pass bought out Macaulay's 2 tramways

Oct 1899 railway surveyed new townsite: White Horse

June 7, 2000 first train into Whitehorse

1916,7 Miles Canyon Road built for autos, using parts of tramway

1922 Robert E. Lowe suspension bridge

1942 Alaska Hwy in gear

1953 Capital moved from Dawson to Whitehorse

1958 Hydro dam

???? first Riverdale bridge