What's happening outside Whitehorse for walkers?

February 22, 2016. Something new: RPAY has a map promoting places one can walk!

September 23, 2013. Needs a lot of updating to be more understandable, adding a map or 2 and finding more trails. (See Wikipedia's Recreational walks in Kent for another way of presenting this.)

The Yukon wildlife viewing guide was a great starting point for this page.


Old Crow

Dempster Highway

Tombstone Territorial Park

  • Tombstone Interpretive Centre and Tombstone Mountain Campground, nature walks and trails
  • offers a number of guided hikes
  • Beaver Pond Interpretive Trail, 1 km return. Packed gravel and boardwalk surface with interpretation, benches and viewing deck. Starts at the Interpretive Centre parking lot. Some short steeper sections and gravel-boardwalk transitions may require assistance.
  • Hiking maps of Tombstone Territorial Park
  • Friends of Dempster Country

Forty Mile has a walking tour

NORTH Klondike Highway

Klondike River Campground. A 1.7-km (1-mi.) interpreted nature trail loop takes you to the Klondike River.

Dawson City

Moose Creek Campground. A 2.5-km (1.5-mi.) interpreted nature trail to the Stewart River takes you into the boreal forest along Moose Creek.

Stewart Crossing

Silver Trail


Mayo walking Tour

A waterfront park, known as Galena Park, is located on the river side of First Avenue between Centre and Laurier Streets. It is a grassed area that contains picnic tables, interpretive signage, and a rock cairn commemorating the Canadian Heritage Rivers System. A wooden gazebo overlooking the Stewart River is located at the west end of the park. The park also connects informal trails that exist along the riverfront dyke.

Binet House, Mayo. Nearby is a monument marking the start of the Prince of Wales Trail and the local section of the Trans Canada Trail.

Mount Haldane km 76 (mi 47) Watch for the turnoff to the northeast just before Halfway Lakes. Follow a gravel road 3.5 km (2 mi.) to the trail head. This 6.5 km (4 mi.) trail leads to the summit of Mount Haldane, which offers wonderful opportunities to view subalpine fauna and flora. Estimated time is 6 hours return. A trail guide is available at the Binet House in Mayo.

Keno City

Pelly Crossing

Ta'Tla Mun

Łhútsäw Wetland Habitat Protection Area

Five Finger Rapid Recreation Site. A 45-minute (return) walk down the 850-m (0.5-mi.) trail ends at a large viewing platform overlooking the rapids.

Robert Campbell Highway

Lapie River Campground. A trail runs along the canyon with views of the river as it is forced through this deep cleft.

On the South Canol road there are currently three new short walking trails. The first is a refurbishment of the old Lapie Canyon walking trail which is just south of the west side of the Lapie 2 bridge. The second is in the Lapie Lakes area and a short walk takes you to Ian H. (Harley) Thomson Falls. The third trail is marked in orange survey ribbon and starts on the northeast side of Fox creek. It follows old fallen telegraph poles along the WW2 pipeline route for three kilometres to the Fox Creek suspension bridge which actually crosses the Lapie River. This is a baby brother to the Ross River bridge. All have been completed by the Yukon Y2C2 youth crews and local government and First Nations fire crews. These pictures show the beautiful scenery you will encounter. Ref.


  • Guided hikes are available through out the summer season and are taken upon request. Campbell Region Interpretive Center Campbell Street,(867) 994-2288, cric@faroyukon.ca HOURS We are open from mid-May to mid-September, seven days a week including holidays. Hours of operation are 8:00am to 6:00 pm
  • Faro Trails is a map showing a number of marked trails
  • Van Gorder Falls Trail. This trail is a wonderful way to spend about two hours on an easy 1.5-km (1-mi.) trail that winds its way through the forest, right at the edge of town.
  • Viewing Wildlife in Faro
  • Faro Arboretum. Follow the 1.2 km (0.7 mi.) loop trail from the kiosk to the viewing deck, and down to the west arm of Van Gorder Creek.

Dena Cho Trail, a 67.6 km traditional Kaska trail between Ross River and Faro; it takes 3-4 days to hike this wilderness trail

Ross River


Tsâwnjik Chu (Nordenskiold) Wetland Habitat Protection Area

SOUTH Klondike Highway

Annie Lake Road. There are many hiking routes along old mining roads into the coastal mountains.


Chilkoot Trail National historic site


City of Skagway Comprehensive Trails Plan is a good resource. There are a number of great trails in the area between customs stations, as well as around town. We just did 3 great hikes: Fraser Lake, Laughton Glacier and International Falls (Feather Peak.)

Skagway trail map describes various hikes. Here's a town walking map.

Klondike Gold Rush National Park: shorter hikes; longer hikes; State of the Park report; Intepreted story of glaciers


Dyea Townsite Self-Guided Walking Tour

EAST Alaska Highway

Liard Canyon - Lucky Lake Recreation Site has a 2.2 km (1.4 mi.) nature trail

Watson Lake

Rancheria Falls Recreation Site has an easy, 10-minute boardwalk through boreal forest to a picturesque waterfall



WEST Alaska Highway

Overland Trail Prospective summer travellers are advised that the trail has deteriorated in many places with sections of swampy muskeg and creek crossings that make foot travel difficult. Some sections are badly overgrown or intersect with other trails. Hikers-especially inexperienced ones - risk getting lost.
Several large rivers make the journey impossible without water transport. It is not an easy hike, although some sections are suitable for day trips.



The Champagne and Aishik First Nation's summer-fall 2013 newsletter has an overview of their exciting Traditional Trail Project.

Pine Lake Interpretive Trail, Pine Lake Campground. The first 250 m or so is a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk along the lake/wetland edge.

Haines Junction

Burwash Landing

Beaver Creek

General resources

National Parks of Canada

Department of Tourism

Department of the Environment


Yukon Visitor and Community Information Centres

Open approximately mid-May to mid-September

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