increasingly denser population and greenspace use.

Urban Containment Boundary (UCB)

Whitehorse is growing. In the last update to the OCP, the city focussed on land classification, showing where they would one day develop, and which areas they would leave as 'green.' Additionally, as part of being a sustainable city, they drew a rough oval around the dense urban part of the city and called it the Urban Containment Boundary.

"The current UCB (above map) contains approximately 13% of the land area of the City of Whitehorse. UCBs are used by cities as a key tool in encouraging sustainable development."
2010 Official Community Plan

Stiil to come is a look at where the centres of employment, commerce, playgrounds, rinks, ... in short 'destinations' etc.

Inside the UCB

21,618 residents (June, 2011). This area will have increasingly denser population and greenspace use. Mostly zoned as single homes, multiple housing, townhouses, trailer parks. Neighbourhoods are generally on the sewer and water grids.

Outside the UCB

5116 residents (June 2011). These are mostly country residential neighbourhoods with septic tanks, wells or water delivery and no garbage pick-up.