McIntyre Creek

September 6, 2013. From Yukon college's 2013-2016 Strategic Plan Performance Indicators: Yukon College will design, complete and implement land use and campus revitalization plans.

Apparently Porter Creek will be going through trail designation review in 2014. I assume some sort of a Trail Task Force again.

Porter Creek D is getting a short term lease on life. It really needs champions, and to be added to McIntyre Creek Park. Unfortunately it only has a lease on life until Phase 7 of Whistle Bend. If Porter Creek D is not 'In perpetuity" means continual fight, means appetite of the city for park planning is not there.

Map of walks with distances between points and linking trails to get to other neighbourhoods. Very much starting ideas.

McIntyre Creek

Friends of McIntyre Creek (FOMC) Blog

This is an advocacy group dedicated to the protection of the proposed Park for the benefit of all. The objectives of the Friends include education and awareness-raising activities and wildlife and fish habitat enhancement and improvement projects. The Friends will provide the community with an opportunity to exchange ideas and to become involved in the management of McIntyre Creek Urban Natural Park.

McIntyre Creek Park

When we talk about experience of place, McIntyre Creek certainly jumps to mind. McIntyre Creek is one of Whitehorse's 'special areas'. Building Porter Creek D in the center of Middle McIntyre Creek Park, effectively divides that part of the park in two. Add in Roads to access the subdivision, and we have two small greenspaces with no sense of specialness. It's not as if it were any old place, an ordinary creek.

From where it crosses under the Alaska Highway, McIntyre Creek flows through the Urban Containment boundary until it reaches the Yukon River. Within 2 km of the creek, are 1/2 of Porter Creek, Takhini north and south, Raven's Ridge, Kopper King, Northland Park, Takhini Trailer Park,Takhini Bluffs, River Ridge, Mountain View Place, Yukon College — add in 4/5 of the future Whistle Bend residents and we're looking at about 14,000 people who are potential trail walkers. If the trails network is well designed then these people could put in a delightful 5-8 km (1-2 hour ) walk.

We have an opportunity to have an enviable urban park, one that draws out people to walk to it from their homes, one that echoes 'the wilderness city.'

Pre-sprawl Aerial Images" 'The next best thing to a time machine' makes me wonder if someone could make a before and after of middle McIntyre Creek with Porter Creek D, Whistle Bend to Alaska Hwy and Pine Street road concepts.

Range Road area

The City is planning on doing a planning study for this general area, i.e. including the mobile home parks, First Nation land, etc. The rough timeframe for this is tentatively set to start this winter and hopefully finish up by the following fall (2013). So the trails in this area would be examined at that time. In the past, the city has heard from area residents that the trails along the river are highly prized. So hopefully the city will come up with a vision for trails in this area and implement improvements following that.

Connections to other areas such as Whistle Bend and Marwell will be discussed but trail linkages within those other areas will not.