Making walking easier for within neighbourhood travel

Inner-subdivision walkway trails, public right-of-ways

At a recent meeting, someone talked about the necessity of having multiple ways of getting around a neighbourhood. She pointed out the dispair a child feels when faced by a bully or a group of bullies on the way home from school and not having a choice of safe routes to get home. A walkway trail map needs to be available and the entrances need to be clearly marked.

Connector trails

All connector greenbelt pieces in the city should be clearly marked on zoning maps. I'm attaching two maps, one for downtown/Riverdale, and the second for the above-the-airport neighbourhoods. Both maps are works in progress, completely unproofed and approximate. I created them in Google Earth using 2012 Zoning maps as overlays. The red transparency is highlighting PR, PG and PW zoning. Icons are draft concepts for marking destinations. A sense of walking distances will eventually be included also.

The idea is that there are many walkers who walk longer distances but don't know the trails. People shouldn't need to drive to go for a walk. Also, people will walk more in their own neighbourhoods if they know both destinations (such as playgrounds and trail heads), and the non-street routes to access these places. Presently these inner-neighbourhood connectors are often not known. I walked with one resident who didn't even know she had one of these connector trails a few doors down on the other side of her street.

When Zoning is able to make this a clear zoning category, then the community could ensure that each entrance was properly marked as a corridor ("Walkway" signs) and these maps could be further developed.

In the closer view of the above-the-airport area below, PG- and PR-zoned land indicates how a greenspace trail network would be promoted.

Green is land zoned PR or PG,
yellow - core trails, green - neighbourhood trails,
blue - powerlines, thick red - trail work needed

Next try at mapping

Here's a couple of draft maps. Greeen is public, turquoise is environmentally sensitive, purple is public service. The trails are orange. I've just drawn the entrance to the greenbelt until I can map the inner greenbelt trails. This is tricky in places where homeowners spread out into the greenbelt and one feels like a trespasser.

above-the-airport inner trails

Riverdale inner trails