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Just want to walk? LOOP WALKING TRAILS, 100+ walks, 100s kms of trails to tempt locals and tourists.

WhitehorseWalks works to make walking more attractive, more intriguing, to get more people out on the trails. The Hepburn Tramway is a recent whitehorseWalks project (Small addendum page).

Yukon Walking Strategy looks at walking for recreation, health, tourism, education.... and Ideas to improve walking is a list of opportunities for better walking here, and walking ideas for active elders

Third & Hawkins, a 6-story, 20-suite, green condo

April 4, 2019. A brochure about our Third & Hawkins project.

July 19, 2018. A walker's delight... Third & Hawkins presents a new choice in downtown condo living for Whitehorse. I've been working with a few others to build this project in the walkable, residential, south end of downtown. A very energy efficient building, it'll be bright, spacious, have great views — and, we just signed the construction contract! We can't wait to move in. Units still available.


June 21, 2019.If you go out in the woods today, you'll surely walk into catepillers dangling on thin threads. Go've gotten face fulls! This page needs a key to the booklets but none the less, the info's here.

June 4, 2019. 225 miles and 100 parks: one woman's epic hike around New York City why walking in our cities is important for our well-being

May 13, 2019. City with a female face: how modern Vienna was shaped by women “if you want to do something for women, do something for pedestrians”.

April 18, 2019. An update to my input to YESAB for the Range Road extension.

April 14, 2019. I heard by the proverbial grapevine that there was federal funding looking for shovel-ready trail projects. I thought I'd respond with some things I see as we walk around Whitehorse. I called it Shovel-ready, a selection of trail ideas from a walking point of view. Stuff for walkers, runners, and bicyclists as we share the same trails! Feel free to suggest other things.

if you have access to a colour tabloid, double-sided printer (flip on short edge) you can use this pdf to print a booklet version:

April 14, 2019. The healing power of being in nature — go for a walk!

Bored with your walks? No time to walk? Think lunch hour or after supper, a walk with a friend, kids, or if hosting guests and want to dazzle them! Here's some 1-3-km loop walks around town that are easily accessible, with some parking, and provide a treat: a pond, a spot by a river, a cliff, a view, an unusual hike, or maybe a nice neighbourhood walk...?

March 7, 2019. Range Road extension and walking. My YESAB submission.

March 4, 2019. Teen helped off clay cliffs A teenager rescued from the clay cliffs Sunday was not injured, the Whitehorse Fire Department said this morning. This is the area the downtown south area development scheme says needs a staircase.

February 20, 2019. Short Loop Walks The healing power of being in nature — go for a walk! Bored with your walks? No time to walk? Think lunch hour or after supper, a walk with a friend, kids, or if hosting guests and want to dazzle them! Here's some 1-3-km loop walks around town that are easily accessible, with some parking, and provide a treat: a pond, a spot by a river, a cliff, a view, an unusual hike, or maybe a nice neighbourhood walk...?

February 2, 2019. Watch this York student struggle to get to class in a wheelchair due to uncleared snow

January 21, 2019. Worst walk on my commute is city-owned. A winter city doesn't have to be this painful

January 7, 2019. there's some senior-focussed events on the walking ideas for active elders page

January 5, 2019. A senior’s resolution: No more falling down in 2019

January 2, 2019. A stark illustration of how much light pollution obscures the stars

Next OCP is in process. This one will be for 20 years!!! So it's a good time to think about your ideas on community values. How can we up the ante on walkability? Are there things we can do to make a more vibrant downtown?

December 13, 2018. Barrier breakers The fight to make the outdoors a more inclusive space

December 6, 2018. ‘Home is a state of mind. You don’t need walls’

December 3, 2018. Watch your step! Falls are sending more Canadians to the hospital than ever before

November 19. 2018. Pedestrian & Bike Underpass of Alaska Highway?

November 17, 2018. Attention Whitehorse: shovel your sidewalks YES!!

November 14, 2018. Can local walking groups help solve urban issues? Dutch cities are using wijkwandelingen, or neighbourhoods walks, as a hyperlocal way of improving cities, from fixing signs to adding playgrounds

October 24, 2018. Elections are over. What does this mean to walking? Young couples 'trapped in car dependency'

The city that gives you free beer for cycling This is how the Italian city of Bologna is getting people to leave their cars behind.

October 22, 2018. CMBC has been at work in the WCCSC trail area to make winter use of the city trails safer and more acessible. The area around Rocky Canyon, Collective, Lichen it and Birch is undergoing some work. Thanks all! I've made a new loop-in-progress that takes advantage of new trail abilities. It isn't entirely usable, yet, for winter use as it goes on ski trails in a few spots, but it works until snow flies! Its working name is WK+PJL's Choice, 12 km. (Right: Blue Moon on Collective bridge doing this loop yesterday.)

October 16, 2018. Middle McIntyre Brown, 4.0 km updated with a 1.1 km option

October 14, 2019. Fun read on Paul's thinking behind some of our local trails: GNAR WALL story of a build 2016-2018.

Hear more about trail ideas as CMBC has a trail planning session: Monday, October 29, 2018, 6:00 to 8:30 pm, Grey Mountain Primary School Library

October 9, 2018. In the Kingdom of the Bears The human-bear bond is ancient, but across the northern hemisphere, only a few societies remember the art of neighboring bears

October 1, 2018. The parks where kids (and their parents) walk and read at the same time

September 22, 2018. What would a truly walkable city look like? if we fail to accommodate those on foot, we ignore an essential part of what makes a city great

The UK walking charity Living Streets says ... cities with ambitions for pedestrians should appoint a walking champion, alongside tougher moves to tackle air pollution and reduce motor traffic volumes...

It's an election year, and a current study is a parking study.... Hmmm! Ask your candidates what their vision is for walking. More parking lots, bigger roads so people can drive downtown quicker?

September 17, 2018. It’s fascinating, the things you see when you’re out on foot

September 10, 2018. Exploring Spook Creek in Whitehorse, Yukon

August 31, 2018. 'I feel safer on a trail than at the store': hiking is my escape from sexual harassment After a terrifying experience with stalking, I resent that I’m safer backpacking in the woods than I am in the place I live

August 26, 2018. Always a thing to be aware of.... bear encounters, by wildwise Yukon

August 23, 2018. Urban walking isn’t just good for the soul. It could save humanity. I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. Understanding how cities are put together is vital, given more than half of us live in them

July 31, 2018. 'Bad things happen in the woods': the anxiety of hiking while black

July 30, 2018. Walking in Whitehorse (2018): playgrounds, public right-of-ways, trails+names, viewpoints, motorized trails...

Best foot forward: the world's most striking pedestrian bridges

July 27, 2018. Here's some wheelchair/walker/stroller-style places to go. I'll work more on this but here's a start.

July 17, 2018. Residents in tourism hotspots have had enough. So what's the answer? Tourism brings money and jobs to cities – but can also damage residents’ day-to-day lives, culture and heritage. Here are some solutions...

July 3, 2018. People not getting enough exercise from long walks Strengthening and balance activities are vital for future wellbeing, says Public Health England

July 1, 2018. Happy Reckless Raven day! We did our Cheer on the Ravens Hike. The Ravens ran the big loop!

June 23, 2018. What the happiest places have in common Citizens’ wellbeing is often the result of careful planning—not serendipity.

June 18, 2018. We designed Canada's cities for cars, not people – and the people are dying. Toronto’s latest toll of cyclists and pedestrian deaths is hardly unique – cities all bought the myth that cars give us freedom

June 8, 2018. A simple trick to help you identify any insect. This knowledge will help you figure out the bug's order — which is a major clue to determining its species

June 4, 2018. Foreign tourists to pay double to use New Zealand's great walks

March 30, 2018. Here's my submission to the City Trail Development Policy process

Draft: Yellow Green BoogaLOOP, 4.6 which our ElderActive group hiked on Tuesday and quite liked.

March 27, 2018. What counts as 'real' city planning? The traditional canon of urban planning excludes people and practices that could greatly benefit it—and society. That needs to change. "It is time to recognize that our shared identity as planners is based on privileging the contributions of certain individuals and groups over others."

March 25, 2018. Meet the man living with Alzheimer’s who climbs the same mountain every day

March 15, 2018. Here's my submission to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan process.

March 14, 2015. Beyond shared-use trails

March 9, 2018. draft new loop: Lower BugaLOOP, 6.1 km

February 28, 2018. Liberals' gender-based budget moving on equality in sports A 2016 study by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport found 41 per cent of girls aged three to 17 do not participate in sport — and 84 per cent of adult women don't either. Yes, but they walk, and walking isn't consider a sport (non-competetive). So gender-based support would include things like making trails more attractive for walking groups, especially seniors: switchbacks, trail repair, high-quality trail markings...

February 26, 2017. Here's a short loop with variety: Yellow Brick Road-El Camino-My Trail.

January 16, 2018. Walking Portugal's coastal Rota Vicentina trail (Porto Covo to Cape St.Vincent). Nine Days/165 kms. Whitehorse Public Library downstairs meeting room,
Tues. Jan. 23, 2018, 7:15 p.m. Free. More: www.activetwa.org and at www.rotavicentina.com

January 11. Yukoners invited to help the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse improve public engagement ...what we can do to better engage with the public and help us to become more accountable, transparent and responsive.

January 6, 2018. How to survive a fall through the ice

January 5, 2018. How ‘Not in my backyard’ became ‘Not in my neighborhood’ The expectation that homeowners should be able to reach beyond their property lines has become deeply embedded.

When we travel I really like to walk well designed paths done in rock. So Johnny Clasper carefully places stones to create amazing works of art is a great look at rock and design.

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